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An Interview with Taklimakan Network’s Business Adviser, Rakesh Kirpalani

· March 23, 2018 · 10:30 am

Last month, Rakesh Kirpalani, a Dubai-based businessman and investor, joined the company Taklimakan Network as an adviser. Taklimakan is a mobile- and web-based blockchain solution that was developed as a training tool for investors, traders, and enthusiasts with any level of crypto experience and who want to learn how to make informed choices about the cryptocurrency market. In this interview with Mr. Kirpalani, we discuss his background in investing and advising startups, along with his thoughts on blockchain technology and conducting ICOs.

Taklimakan Network

Bitcoinist: Thank you for agreeing to chat with us today. You’ve recently joined the advisory board of Taklimakan Network, but before we talk about that, could you tell us a bit about your business background?

RK: Thank you. My name is Rakesh Kirpalani, and I have been a business professional since 1994 when I started as a partner with a Dubai-based company called IMTC. I continue to this day as a partner. We deal mainly with the consumer electronics market, distributing major brands like Sony, Yamaha, GE, and Toshiba, among others. We have offices in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. I also hold the exclusive distribution rights in India for a company called Mobile Outfitters. It is a US-based company that designs custom scratch-resistant cases for mobile devices. I also invest in various companies. I am a shareholder in a company called Rassino Herbs Pharmaceutical Products, and I also hold shares in a company called Concept Shapers, which designs electronics systems for Indian military defense and industry.

Bitcoinist: Taklimakan is about to start its public ICO in a couple of weeks. What drew you to the world of ICOs and blockchain technology?

RK: I first learned about Bitcoin a number of years ago when I watched a documentary about it on Netflix. And then I started talking about cryptocurrency with colleagues, but most people were not even aware of what it was. Eventually, I found some people who were also interested in the idea and who knew a bit more about it. They got me reading lots of blogs and articles, and I learned as much as I could on my own. Since then I’ve been involved with a couple of ICOs that were for KYC [Know Your Customer]. Then I met this wonderful group of people at Taklimakan through a common friend who knew that I was interested in working with blockchain companies.

Bitcoinist: Why were you so drawn to the Taklimakan team?

RK: Taklimakan is very, very special on a personal level because when I started learning about crypto, it was so difficult to find people who knew about the technology. I struggled to find even basic information, and it took me over a year to get a grasp of what I needed to know on a professional business level. So, I recognized immediately that Taklimakan is filling a void for people who want good information on the technology and on trading crypto. Taklimakan is like a special station where you can find the answer to any question; it’s one central place where you can discuss everything, and people there are so experienced. It’s welcoming, and they are there to guide you. Everything you need is under one umbrella.

Bitcoinist: Based on your business background, what led you to decide to become an adviser for the company?

RK: As a shareholder in thriving companies, I understand that investors need to have information at their fingertips all the time. I also know there are a lot of people involved in speculation, and they need to have professional guidance 24/7 in the market. You can’t have an expert who waits to respond later today or tomorrow. Taklimakan is one place where you find the answers you need straight away. It’s a tool for global investors and traders who need instant information. Taklimakan Network’s mission is also to increase the knowledge of crypto for the public. It’s a unique platform that helps people from beginning to end. It is a resource that I recognized I had been searching for, and I want to lend my knowledge to ensure the project is as successful as possible.

Bitcoinist: You have a lot of experience working in UAE and Dubai especially; do you think Taklimakan will be popular there?

RK: I believe the platform will be very popular here. I know from my own experience living here, I could not find many sources to learn from. There are a lot of people here who want to trade and work in crypto, but they don’t have any guidance. Taklimakan delivers the resources people are interested in and gives them the tools they need to operate successfully in the crypto market. So yes, I believe it will be successful not only in Dubai, but around the world. Taklimakan is simple and elegant and is easy to use.

The Taklimakan Network’s public ICO is slated to begin on April 9, 2018. Their Ethereum ERC20 standard TKLN token is priced at USD 0.05 per 1 TKLN. They offer ten bonus levels for bulk purchases. For more information on Taklimakan Network, visit their website at

What benefits will Taklimakan Network bring to the crypto investment space? What features will benefit traders and investors the most? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Taklimakan Network

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