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Eticket4 Announces an Amusing Airdrop Campaign Before the Completion of ICO. Each Participant Will Receive a Guaranteed Reward of 20 ET4 Tokens.

· March 28, 2018 · 4:00 pm

Eticket4, an international p2p-marketplace for buying and selling tickets for sports, music, theater and other events to secondary market participants, announces Airdrop campaign. The Eticket4 token generation event ends soon.

Right now the company gives the opportunity to each user to participate in Airdrop campaign. Each participant will receive a guaranteed reward of 20 ET4 tokens. On March 30th Eticket4 will choose 1 random, 1 most liked and 1 most creative participant who will be sent 100 ET4, 600 ET4, and 800 ET4 respectively.  The maximum number of participants – 1000. The only thing participants have to do, in short, is tweet a post with hashtags, it’s as simple as that! Please read the full description and rules.

Here are some phrases offered by the Airdrop-campaign participants:

“Keep up the good work. Would be good to continue selling tickets for high profile artists like Katy Perry in order to raise awareness. Not sure if you guys have released any mobile app to show off the e-tickets but I’m sure if you do, it would go a long way in getting more ppl interested =)”.

“Eticket4 =  Access, Convenience, Expeditiousness, Comfort, and last but not least availability!!!!”

“Yeah. Be better than the competition and innovate more. Good luck!”

“I hope you’ll open your business to South Korea!”

Moving along the Roadmap

  • Eticket4 has officially launched in Singapore: you can buy tickets to Katy Perry’s concert on our website!
  • The Eticket4 team has finished roadshow in Asia in March. The company has taken successful steps towards wide recognition and have found dozens of people
  • Currently, Eticket4’s team is concentrated on building an MVP in order for the ET4 token to function on the platform.

Purchasing ET4 tokens

Not too much time left, please consider a purchase before the smart contract burns the unsold tokens. In order to buy tokens please go to (if you are planning to purchase less than 10.000 ET4 tokens) or go to and fill in the KYC form (if you’re planning to purchase more than 10.000 ET4 tokens).

Images courtesy of Eticket4

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