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Fusion Moves Blockchain Technology from Theoretical Analysis to Proper Implementation

· March 15, 2018 · 8:00 pm

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any community, therefore, for a market to thrive effectively, the representative entities must find an appropriate means of interacting with one another.

Blockchain is a decentralized technology in all of its ramifications. As democratic as it is, every blockchain possesses the capacity to survive as an independent entity even though their achievements may be limited in isolation. Therefore, finding a system that will enable effective interaction between independent blockchains will promote the full expression of individual blockchain qualities.

The Power of Collaboration

In today’s world, collaboration is usually the bedrock of any significant development. This principle is also applicable in the commercial and socio-digital communities. In the older world of fiat transactions, value transfer between different nations and regions across the globe has been simplified. The occurrence of trades across economies with different currencies are almost performed expressly as conversion rate and processes have become seamless. For the world of cryptofinance to achieve the level of adoption that is expected for it to become relevant in the mainstream, the communication gap between token must be closed.

In its current state, cross-platform interactions do not exist between blockchains, therefore there cannot be a direct transfer of value. This deficiency imposes so much burden on the exchanges who become ladened with heavy traffic, and in some cases, such systems even take away from the decentralized quality of the ecosystem due to how some of the exchanges are configured.

A Hybrid of Protocols

By combining the Proof of Stake (POS) and Proof of Work (POW) blockchain protocol, FUSION is creating a mega blockchain that would cater to the interactive needs of the digital asset ecosystem. This innovation can be described as the blockchain of blockchains. On top of Fusion, there will be cross/token and cross/chain activities occurring in a seamless manner.

This will relief crypto users of the stress and burden of keeping up with several wallets at the same time and having to manage the details of such wallets effectively or risk losing their tokens forever. A unified wallet makes for easy management and administration, while value transfer becomes less complex and direct.

As a matter of fact, for blockchain technology to achieve the ultimate mainstream adoption, protocols like Fusion must be introduced into the ecosystem. This serves as a linking phenomenon that will easily connect users and projects across the globe, just like what is experienced with the existing internet browsing software and apps. These technologies have ways of seamless interactions and connectivities. Therefore, rather than competing with each other, they ride on the synergy of collaboration. Hence, the Fusion project is designed for the much-needed synergy in the ecosystem.

FUSION - A Hybrid of Protocols

Building Effective Communities

The fundamental value of the Fusion blockchain is aligned towards the development of robust communities within the crypto space. The project will use token mechanisms and a foundation to continually foster all kinds of communities such as technical communities, college communities, user communities, investment communities, node participant communities, central organizations, and data source providers. This is in line with the original intention of Satoshi Nakamoto when he created the first-ever Blockchain as a decentralized community.

Blockchain technology has been growing in popularity and the efficacy of its application is well broadcasted across the globe. However, there have been much more said than done within the ecosystem, probably due to the non-harnessing of the internal potentials of the technology.

To bring about the era of the Internet of Values as soon as possible, people need a new generation of financial infrastructure based on blockchain technology which has complete financial functionality, can link different communities and tokens and can bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized organizations. This is the solution that Fusion offers to the industry, led by its Founder, DJ Qian, a superstar Chinese entrepreneur formerly behind Quantum and VeChain.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, FUSION

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